Crystal Fairy – Drugs On The Bus

• “Drugs On The Bus” set to a picture of the housing single. Thanks to Ipecac Recordings.

8.4 “Fantastic Alternative Rock from the USA”

First out as a 7″ AA-side with “Necklace Of Divorce” in October, 2016. Included on their debut album “Crystal Fairy” in February, 2017.

Yes, she’s all alone in a forest looking for a tree to undress
Clips and skins all the branches off, carves the letters of her name
When suddenly a man shows up the size of God, no smile or shame
She doesn’t care, she gives a damn, continues to un strip the bark
Restrains the roots, she uses them to cut out her eyes
The iris shines, the sun is born, the man begins to laugh!

This late drama caught my attention big style when I first heard it, and I knew right then it needed to be mine. Scowling, sneering and howling from the front is Teri Gender Bender (Teresa Suárez) of Le Butcherettes fame (who also contributes some keyboards on this one), alongside her long-time collaborator Omar Rodríguez-López (The Mars Volta, At The Drive In) on heavy bass. Buzz Osborne (guitar) and Dale Crover (drums), who’ve played together in the Melvins for some 35 years, complete the dynamic line-up. Together, they’re a great combo with an aggression that’s perfectly weighted. The super-group aren’t currently active, nor is the door permanently closed.

Bandcamp offered some great insight into the recording of the album:

Drawn together by mutual admiration, Suárez, Osborne, Crover, and Rodríguez-López decamped to a studio and wrote and recorded an entire album in a week. With no internal mandate on what it should sound like, the group structured the sessions in a way that was similar to the famed Motown hits process: Osborne and Crover would be in one room working on riffs. Rodríguez-López would be in another working on bass lines, and Suárez would be in another, bouncing lyrics off demos that had just been tracked.

Each of the four (all co-credited as writers) were excited to be involved with the project:

“When the Melvins toured with Le Butcherettes, Teri would come out at the end of the set and do ‘Rebel Girl’ with us. It was almost always the highlight of the show! From doing that, we knew there was some chemistry between us that was worth exploring. We became close friends with both Teri and Omar on the tour and came up with the idea of starting a new band with them.” ~ Dale Crover

“The Melvins have had many different line-ups, and we’ll continue to mix things up but with Crystal Fairy, working with Teri and Omar, I knew this was something different and deserved to have its own identity” ~ Buzz Osborne

“Omar caught up with us on the Melvins’ tour because he is an admirer. Through the travels, the Melvins and Omar connected as well. Sometimes, Omar and I would fantasize loudly of hopefully being able to form a power together. Before we knew it, we were writing music in the studio (both in El Paso and L.A.) and birthed a magical little gem that I am extremely proud to be a part of.” ~ Teri Gender Bender

“While our main bands will still remain our focus and priority, we intend to have as much fun as possible recording and touring with this special and unique project” ~ Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

Heard on Lee Adcock’s March 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.


Crystal Fairy 2017 (L to R): Dale Crover, Omar Rodríguez-López, Teri Gender Bender, Buzz Osborne (photo credit: David Goldman)