The Dubwood Allstars – Under Dubwood

• “Under Dubwood” set to a picture of King Tubby, Dylan Thomas and Richard Burton (insert).

8.4 “Fantastic Reggae from England”

Single released in April, 2012.

This exquisite piece is once heard never forgotten. The vivid poetry of Dylan Thomas, the expressive baritone of Richard Burton and the legendary Jamaican producer King Tubby seem naturally connected in rhythm.

Speaking to the Skinny in 2012 bassist Jimi Goodwin (Doves, Sub-Sub) said:

Straight out o’ Northenden, South Manchester – back a’ yard! This is inspired Garageband dub. King Tubby meets Dylan Thomas and Richard Burton under the Dubwood tree. Only me and a handful of people know who the Dubwood Allstars actually are, and I ain’t tellin!

As the August 2017 reissue press release put it:

Although Under Dubwood might seem an incongruous mix – the words of Dylan Thomas, the voice of Richard Burton and the studio sounds of King Tubby – the resulting single actually makes perfect sense – a gloriously woozy psychedelic skank that places Llareggub somewhere just outside downtown Kingston, JA. Since its release five years ago, Under Dubwood has been a staple on BBC6 Music and was used as soundbed music for the BBC’s coverage of Dylan Thomas’ centenary in 2014. It remains hugely in demand from the Caught by the River shop and has been sold out for the last eighteen months. The identity of the Dubwood Allstars remains a mystery to all at Rivertones.

Dylan Thomas’s “Under Milk Wood” was billed as “a play for voices” and was, in its earlier stages, entitled “Llareggub, a Piece for Radio Perhaps”. The first section was performed at the YMHA in New York City in 1953, with Thomas himself reading the parts of First Voice and the Reverend Eli Jenkins. Just days later, his poor health resulted in a shocking premature death, aged just 39. Just a couple of months later, the play was recorded with the co-operation of The BBC, with the expressive baritone of fellow Welshman, Richard Burton, doing justice to much of the work. An LP “Under Milk Wood” (Argo RG-21) was produced early in 1954.

King Tubby’s “Hijack The Barber” emerged in the mid-70s, a deconstruction of John Holt’s 1969 hit, “Ali Baba”.

Together, it’s magic. The 7″ was reissued by Caught By The River in 2017 and you can still bag a copy.