Meow – Kill Kill Kill

• “Kill Kill KIll” set to a picture of the single cover.

8.4 “Fantastic Punk from Canada”

From their debut EP “I Ruv Me Too!” (Twist Like This Records TLTR-001) released in 1995. 

John Peel would have been 80 yesterday, so it’s very apt to include this, given that the 7″ single in question was included in his special ‘evacuate quickly in case-of-fire’ box of treasured 45s. That said, this is all very co-incidental, as the tune found it’s way to me naturally via my Dandelion Radio catch-up which is dictating the blog content at the moment.

This was the first recording made by the fabulous Neko Case, although you’ll hardly recognise her in her youthful guise as a hyper lo-fi pop punk cat. The Virginia-born lass was brought up in Washington State, but migrated to Canada in the early ’90s to attend art school. There she played with Cub (and others) on drums, before starting her own band with a couple of fellow Americans. Three of them were in ‘Meow’, namely: Corrina Hammond (bass, vocals), Tobey Black (guitar, vocals) and Neko Case (drums, vocals). They’d soon become Maow to avoid legal conflict with a New York band of the same name.

Of course, Neko would emerge from all of this as a powerful and unique alt-country talent, but this early recording is hard to resist in a completely different way. I’m not sure who’s on lead vox for this one (if you know drop me a line) but the singer’s life really sucks and she’s going to have kill coz she has a need to fulfill. Chihuahuas, pitbulls and bunnies are all in danger. Pure evil.

I don’t own a physical copy of this and I don’t think it’s available to buy anywhere, but I shall keep my eyes open for one. Meantime, I was forced to tape it off the radio so to speak and bung it on my own MP3 compile. Just like the old Peel days, old habits die hard!

Heard on Rocker’s May 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.


Meow (l to r): Neko Case, Corrina Hammond, Tobey Black