Pale Kids – Consent

• “Consent” set to a picture of the housing single. Thanks to Pale Kids – Topic.

8.5 “Excellent Punk from England”

First out on their split 7″ with MOLAR (Everything Sucks Music ESM-0014) in July, 2016.

The Dandelion catch-up thing is an awesome facility, but having fallen so far behind I’m finding that by the time I get introduced to new bands, half of them have given up and gone to work as bank clerks in Cheltenham. Durham’s Pale Kids have released several singles 2016-2018, but haven’t been heard of for around a year, so I’m not sure what the current state of play is.

They are: Andrew (vocals, guitar), Joe (vocals, guitar), David (bass) and Kate (drums). “Half of us like Iron Maiden and we all like a drink” says their Facebook. I sincerely hope one of those statements is true. The excellent “Consent” is the closing track on the aforementioned 7″ single, which features 2 tracks from each artist. It puts me in mind of early Ash, The Thermals or Sauna Youth (delete as per your vintage).


As you can see from their Twitter, plans were afoot for an album in April, 2018, so let’s hope it materializes, and that “Consent” is on it, for it is indeed a banger. Oh, and it doesn’t need re-recording Pale Kids, you’re just grand as you are ; – )

This was another heard on Rocker’s March 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.