Kamasi Washington – Truth

• “Truth” original music video. Thanks to SamuraiMusicTV.

8.5 “Excellent Jazz from the USA”

Closing track on his mini-album “Harmony Of Difference” released in September, 2017.

As the Spotify analysts will tell you, it’s often difficult for artists to hold someone’s attention for 30 seconds these days, never mind 13 minutes, but saxophonist Kamasi Washington manages to do just that on the joyous “Truth”, introduced into my world via Mary Anne Hobbs on 6Music. I’ve had plenty reminders in the last year or two that jazz isn’t necessarily my enemy, and this blissful 13 minute workout from Kamasi and his L.A. cohorts is proof positive that it’s still possible to find a connectivity with the genre, even for Punks like me.

To debut his “Harmony Of Difference” suite, Kamasi headed east to the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City, where it was played to a short film from AG Rojas, a music-video director from L.A. The music (and video) is inspired by the not entirely unreasonable notion that diversity is good for the world.

The ensemble were back in New York in November, 2017, when they played the track live in session for WFUV:

Kamasi explained a little about this piece to Leo Weekly:

What I’ve gained from interacting with people from traveling the world, seeing so many things and meeting so many people, it is a sense of truth. It’s a sense of understanding. That’s why I named the last piece ‘Truth,’ the five pieces that came before it were, for me, the road to ‘Truth.’