Foreign Beggars & Alix Perez featuring Riko Dan – Deng [nevermind remix]

• “Deng [nevermind remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Par Excellence.

7.8 “Great Dubbeat from England”

Download single December 2014, a remix of their single from several months earlier.

Jeez, preparing this post I’ve just remembered how much I hate Peru. I think it all started in 1978 with Teófilo Cubillas.

The deal was sealed when I received the worst-text-ever, 12 years ago to this day… John Peel’s died : – (

No offence Peru, but I’ll always blame you.

Funny enough, I’ve just met a new pal via WordPress whom I’ve christened D-PAK. (I’m annoying like that).

Anyway, just a few days ago on his Dukla Prague Away Kit blog, he posed the thought-provoking question: Would Peel still be deemed crucial by the Spotify generation?

(Although you had to be quick to read it. Apparently, he deletes his posts after a few hours so that only hipster-ultras can read them.)

The old boy would’ve been 77 by now, but he never showed even the slightest sign that the fire was burning out. Unlike that guy on LCD Soundsytem’s “Losing My Edge”, Peel was always a step ahead of every young pretender; as a DJ deeper, wider, taller, stronger. And funnier.

I think, by now, it’s inevitable he’d have had another generation charmed and hooked.

Perhaps the bigger question might be: Would Radio 1’s bosses have kept the platform open to him? I’ve got my nagging doubts about that. The conservatism of that station’s controllers has always been galling to me. I weep for the youth; force-fed the bland and the banal on a daily basis.

Arguably, the biggest disaster post-Peel has been the dissipation and fragmentation of the listener-ship. With the centralised focal-point offered by the fantastic platform at Radio 1, there was strength in unity for a myriad of left-field creatives. Overnight, new names could easily be in thousands of minds, on hundreds of lips; ’twas a bona-fide spiritual community that was big in number in the UK and was starting to grow bigger by the year on a worldwide basis courtesy of the internet.

Now spread thinly on 1,001 blogs and 501 internet stations, something magical has been lost, possibly never to return.

For me, thee greatest of the post-Peel endeavours is Dandelion Radio. As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve been on a mega-mission to catch-up with the Station’s output via their awesome Mixcloud archives where you can listen to every monthly show from every DJ.

The bounty is plentiful. I used to tape maybe about 1 in every 6 tracks that Peel played. Whilst I’m not taping anymore (I’m downloading my preferred individual tracks) the ratio is not too far behind that.

As was the case with Peel, exciting new talents are cropping up constantly.

The Eccentronic Research Council. Who? Hag Face. Who? Skinny Girl Diet. Who? You can’t beat it, several DJs working their bollocks off (or, in the case of Lee Adcock, their tits off – hey c’mon, I’m an equal opportunities blogger) to bring you the latest and greatest in much the same way that the great man might have done were he still with us today.

Anyway – as you may have sussed, this is all a bit off the cuff – to get back on topic for the blog, my latest and greatest new track for today was lined up as being a Bruce Springsteen number (shock-horror, yes it really was) but, upon realising the anniversary date was upon us, I’ve re-shuffled the line-up in extra-time. Can’t have the old boy turning in his grave now, can I? ; – )

Today’s cut, therefore, comes courtesy of the Mark Cunliffe show, first aired on Dandelion in June 2015 which, as I said, I’ve only recently caught up with. You can listen to Mark’s show here with the handy tracklist to guide you here. The tune itself is available at Beatport.

Foreign Beggars are an English hip hop and dubstep group. Since their formation in 2002, the group’s unique trajectory has seen them evolve from an underground hip hop group to an electronic crossover act. The group consists of four artists individually known as Orifice Vulgatron (MC), Metropolis (MC), DJ Nonames and Dag Nabbit (producer).

Belgian born Alix Depauw is the face behind production moniker Alix Perez, now regarded as one of the most ground-breaking and innovative producer/DJ’s of his time.

Riko Dan (also Riko, real name Zane Williams) is a grime MC from East London, and a long serving member of grime crew Roll Deep. He is also a part of the collective Cemetary Warriors. He was originally a drum and bass MC, starting at 15 years of age and honing his skills on pirate radio stations such as ‘Pressure FM’.

There’s absolutely zero doubt in my mind that John would be chuffed to bits with the stamina and the output of team Dandelion for more than 10 years now. Through them, the spirit of Peel lives.

Dandelion Radio, lang may yer lum reek.


The guv’nor (30 August 1939 – 25 October 2004)

p.s. Paddington got the hell out of Lima in 1958. The bear knew…