I, Ludicrous – It’s All Free

• “It’s All Free” original music video. Thanks to I, Ludicrous.

8.3 “Fantastic Trance Rock from England”

The 4:30 edit (as per video) appeared as a single in August, 2017, before the proper 6:42 monster took over as the definitive version on their album “Songs From The Sides Of Lorries” (Old King Lud ‎LUD-008) in October, 2017.

The core three for more than 10 years now are: John Procter (guitar), David Rippingale (vocals) and Martin Brett (bass). Not too sure who’s playing drums and keyboards.  They’ve been around since the mid-80s of course, with several albums behind them, appearing steadily in each and every decade.

I can’t say that I know their catalogue well (several tracks on singles and compys & seen them live back in the day but “Songs From The Sides Of Lorries” is my first album) but they’re very clearly still game on “It’s All Free”.

The decidedly Fall-esque insistent chugger is offset by wonderfully wonky keyboards and woozy guitars invoking just a hint of psychedelic disorientation. True to form, David ‘Will Hung’ Rippingale’s rap is a compelling listen, as gen x wisdom spews forth, encouraging us to keep in touch with our old values; at once he’s street tough and funny with it. Muscular.

Clearly, yer 60s are yer new 30s these days! Makes me wonder what I’ve been missing all this time…

Heard on Pete Jackson’s August 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.


l to r: Martin Brett, John Procter, David Rippingale