Public Service Broadcasting – White Star Liner

• “White Star Liner” original music video. Thanks to PSBHQ.

9.1 “Classic Indie from England”

Title track from their EP released in October, 2018.

By 2018, PSB were so famously adept at scoring historical events in song (WWII, space exploration, Welsh mining to name but a few) that they were commissioned by the BBC to produce a suite for the Titanic. Spookily, and with a fabulous sense of drama, the four tracks were premiered in concert on the Belfastian slipways on which the very ship was built, and broadcast live on BBC 6Music as part of their Biggest Weekend event in late May, 2018.

The studio versions saw release in October, 2018, making up the “White Star Liner” EP, the songs running through a narrative reflecting on the infamous ship’s construction, its launch, its shocking demise as well as the aftermath of the sinking.

Whilst the Titanic story is understandably overshadowed by the great tragedy which took 1,500 lives in 1912, the title-track is celebratory, conveying the sheer majesty of the engineering feat and the excitement felt at the time; bringing the past alive is their great forte.

You kind of forget that, in 1912, radio wasn’t around and people weren’t really recording. There’s not much contemporary material and most of it is obviously about the sinking. But there is some great footage of The Olympic being built on the docks, so we used some of that and moved on to the bit listeners will be a bit more familiar with… the distress call. We’ve been asked a few things similar to this but very rarely do they come off. To play it in such a unique setting, as well, was incredible.

~ J. Willgoose, Esq.

It’s yet another stunner from PSB who, for me, are undoubtedly one of the greatest and most effective groups of the decade.