Shit Present – House (Breakdown)

• “House (Breakdown)” set to a picture of the housing EP. Thanks to Shit Present – Topic.

8.6 “Excellent Indie from England”

From their EP “Misery + Disaster”, released in November, 2016.

The 4-piece from Exeter line up: Iona Cairns (vocals, guitar), Ben Cottam (drums), Nic Heron (bass) and Thom Weeks (guitar, vocals).

Some company for Shitmat, Shitdisco and Shit & Shine in my disgusting collection. Do 6Music play them I wonder?

Dandelion Radio certainly do, which is where I heard it, several months back (sorry to say I’m very behind much on blog posts at the moment). I do love this one, it is DRIVEN, very much reminding me of Joy Formidable and Courtney Barnett. It comes from the second of their two EP’s released so far, the first being self-titled in 2015. As I write in July 2019, they seem to having a bit of a break at the moment, last seen gigging in September ’18. I believe members play in other bands too.

The label Specialist Subject gave some insight into the group:

Iona writes incredible songs seemingly effortlessly, and has a huge interest in everything DIY- from booking tours and artwork to recording techniques and how we run the label. Shit Present are a pop-punk band, with relatable, lyrics about mental health issues and relationships- from her own experiences and drawing from her work at a mental health organisation. Thom plays in Gnarwolves, Nic is a tour manager and sound engineer. Ben is an incredible cook who makes great vegan food at the Cavern cafe in Exeter.

Around the time of the “Misery + Disaster” EP release, songwriter and driving force Iona Cairns spoke to Keep Track Of The Time revealing family secrets about that cover:

It actually started as a two piece with Ben on drums. We did a few shows and made a demo. Specialist Subject wanted to put it out and we added bass and second guitar after and formed the band around it I guess!

I think it turned out pretty well in the end considering we did it pretty loosely, ha. I’d say it’s more of the same as the first EP, savage white woman melodrama.

My brother does our recordings ’cause I’m really nervous about that stuff so I feel real comfortable with him and it’s cool, he’s just doing it for fun.

My Grandma was visiting at the time and was talking about how she would like to have the option of getting high without tobacco or a pipe and we suggested an apple. We made her one and got a photo of it. It was while we were recording. I liked the spirit of what she was saying essentially that she’s in her seventies and what if one day she wants to get high using an apple?? Well now she knows!!

Heard on Rocker’s February 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.


Shit Present 2016 (L to R): Nic Heron, Ben Cottam, Iona Cairns and Thom Weeks.