Christian Fitness – Bees Mode

• “Bees Mode” set to a picture of the housing album. Thanks to Irresponsableful.

8.2 “Fantastic Alternative Rock from England”

From his album “Slap Bass Hunks” (Prescriptions ‎PRESCFCD-07) released in April, 2017.

Always great value this Andrew Falkous feller, like you’re getting a Henry Rollins / Nigel Blackwell 2-fer; a witty hardman. At the time of writing, he’s released six albums under the Christian Fitness moniker (2014-2019), giving him the ultimate artistic freedom away from the Future of the Left (who’ve released only 1 album during that period). He makes the point that he’s a one ‘man’ band in this guise, but NOT a solo artist, and that “all songs created by imagined multiple personalities, some of which are shy”. I’m not arguing.

Frankly, I can’t tell the difference between FOTL and CF, based on this evidence at least. This probably has much to do with the fact the FOTL drummer Jack Egglestone jumps in with sticks for this one. For sure, “Bees Mode” is a cracker; such a big slappy bass never sounded so good, and he’s having a bit of fun here I reckon, reminding us that The Bees had a big hit in the 90s, and that

Former Irish bee of the year, Paddy MacBeeline is the first bee to be elected to the European Commission, for not taking revenge on the British people, an unpopular group, on the whole

The final plot twist reveals that bees mode is a work of fantasy; there that there are no b’s in Manchester.

? Don’t ask me, just turn it up loud and enjoy the buzz!

Heard on Lee Adcock’s June 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.