BE – Blue Lullaby

• “Blue Lullaby” original music video. Thanks to Caught by the River.

9.7 “All-time classic Slowcore from England”

Single released in September, 2016.

Whenever I get around to charting my favourites of 2016, this powerful and glorious piece is going to be right up there.

The band BE was formed as a collaboration in 2015 between artist Wolfgang Buttress, Tony Foster (keyboards, tech), Kev Bales (percussion, piano) Deirdre Bencsik (cellist), Camille Christel (vocalist), scientist Dr. Martin Bencsik… and 40,000 honey bees!

At the heart of all the music is the sound of the bees, the hive drone and specific bee communications captured by Dr. Bencsik. The idea is that the musicians collaborate with the bees – it seems that they lead the way, and the musicians let the music form naturally around them to create a symphony of bee and man.

The short film you’re seeing explores the importance of the relationship between the two. The abstracted imagery is based on sculptural installations by artist Wolfgang Buttress and footage from Dr. Martin Bensciks’s groundbreaking scientific research into bee communications and interpretation. The piece is both visually seductive and melancholic in tone; the honey bee is an amazing creature which pollinates 30% of the food we eat. At the same time, they are a species in decline as a result of human impacts on the environment- climate change, lack of biodiversity and increasing use of pesticides.

DJ Rebel Tips # 473: For fully delicious benefits play back-2-back with “Just Like Honey”.

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