Scotty – Sing Along

• “Sing Along” set to a picture of the 1988 reissue album. Thanks to francus83.

8.7 “Excellent Rocksteady from Jamaica”

From his debut LP “School – Days” (Crystal Records 1006) released in 1971.

Following on from Bongo and Bingy a couple of days back, here’s another riding Derrick Harriotts “Long Story” 1967 riddim, originally sung by Rudy Mills.

It comes from the late Scotty (who sadly died of cancer, aged just 51, in 2003), famous for his classic “Draw Your Brakes” and “Skank In Bed” singles, so it was nice to hear some more work from the characterful toaster. The early 70s working with Derrick Harriott were his golden period, with several Top 10 hits on the island.

His debut album, “School-Days”, released in 1971, was re-packaged by Trojan in 1988 and re-titled as “Unbelievable Sounds” with extra tracks.

It came to me several months back as a free download via my old pal Moos who runs the fantastic Global Groove blog.

Alas, I’ve been too busy with my projects to visit his blog much; no doubt I’m missing out!

You can download Scotty’s album for free at the Global Groove. It’d be rude not to…