Holly Macve – Heartbreak Blues

• “Heartbreak Blues” original music video. Thanks to bellaunioninc.

8.9 “Excellent Country from Ireland”

From her debut album “Golden Eagle” released in February, 2017.

“A heavenly voice couched in spellbinding country & western ballads, with a devastating emotional delivery, Holly Macve is a fantastic addition to the Bella Union family, her album Golden Eagle is one of the most remarkably assured debuts of this or any other year, especially given she’s though only 21 years old.” says the presser.

They’re not wrong. It goes on…

“Despite her youth, Golden Eagle reveals she’s experienced enough strife to last a lifetime: parental splits, heartbreak, early career pitfalls…. Born in Galway in western Ireland, Macve and her sister were whisked away “in the night” by her mother from their errant father, to live with her grandparents in Yorkshire. Once in their own house, near the town of Holmfirth, Holly quickly responded to music: “My Grandad was a classical composer, and my mum sang, and she said I was singing before I was talking,” she recalls. Her mother’s record collection – lots of old blues and Bob Dylan – shaped Holly’s impressionable mind, before she herself discovered the likes of Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Gillian Welch.”

Words are my main love… I love songs that tell stories and take you somewhere else. I’ve always been drawn to that old country sound with it’s simple and memorable melodies. I enjoy music that feels timeless, that you don’t know quite when it was recorded. ~ Holly Macve

Get it at Bandcamp.