Burial – Subtemple

• “Subtemple” set to a picture of the housing single. Thanks to Burial – Topic.

8.1 “Fantastic Ambient from England”

Single released in May, 2017.

The highly consistent UK producer, usually renowned for his breakbeats, proves himself to be most skilled in the ambient department as evidenced here on this beatless, film-score-esque affair.

As the Wiki tells it:

Subtemple / Beachfires is devoid of percussion and only depicts the atmospheric parts of Burial’s signature sound, such as quiet synthesizers and haunting vocal samples. Critic Luke Pearson analyzed that the EP, while maintaining the “menacing” vibe of Burial’s past works, uses less “urban” sound textures than what is normally in a Burial track. Philip Sherburne labeled the tracks as “musical descriptions of white-out conditions—far northern reaches lashed by chilly winds, where compasses fail and visibility lingers near zero,” given that none of the sounds follow a clear rhythm.

“Subtemple” is a track where, as Ray Philp of Resident Advisor analyzed, “many details emerge, but few say much.” He wrote that it consists of several field recording sounds such as footsteps, clock ticks, breathing, and water surrounded by crackle noises, with claps and a “tentative toy melody” occasionally coming into the mix. The sounds overlay via echo to make a “internal rhythm,” Pearson wrote. A person saying “all that’s left is the procedure” and a stopwatch bleep sound is heard later in the track’s length. Sherburne analyzed the track heavily includes sounds that “suggest” actual objects, such as clicks indicating a fishing rod, a rumble suggesting an ocean from far away, and a chime indicating a pinging sound from a car.

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