Perc – Look What Your Love Has Done To Me [amelie lens remix]

• “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me [amelie lens remix]” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to Perc Trax.

9.1 “Classic Alternative Dance from England”

From his EP “Look What Your Love Has Done To Me Remixed” released in July, 2019.

Love a bit of dark techno me, tho you should know that I’m good bad, not evil. From the title, the deadpan delivery and the overall vibe, I’m imagining that it’s built on the personal politics of the psycho lover, although you’re never quite sure which of the couple is disturbed.

Time, wait, need, patience, clash, trust, push, slow, fast, night, work, drag, force, give, live, sleep, play, decide, end, shut, pass, turn, lust, back, wait, need, patience, clash.

Look. What. Your. Love. Has done to me.

Wait, need, patience, clash.

Look. What. Your. Love. Has done to me.

I got Perc’s “The Power And The Glory” album in 2014, so I’m no stranger to his powers, but this banger raises the bar some. The original (which I’ve heard but don’t have) appeared on his May, 2017, album “Bitter Music” and features the vocals of experimental electronic artist, Gazelle Twin (Elizabeth Bernholz). Despite being the one which stays closest to the original, the remix from Amelie Lens is, for me, the deadliest of the three on the EP. The Belgian DJ was a big supporter of the original in her sets, and seems to intuitively feel that the power of the piece lies in the simplicity of the spoken word drama and the dark musical underbelly. Her remix subtly scores horror-film motifs and blurs some of the words, accentuating the creepy atmospherics. It’s a classic of the genre, and well worth a place in your collection.

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L to R: Perc, Gazelle Twin & Amelie Lens