Buffy Sainte-Marie – Not The Lovin’ Kind (5 days with Buffy, day five)

• “Not The Lovin’ Kind” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Buffy Sainte-Marie – Topic.

8.9 “Excellent Blues Rock / Soul Rock from Canada”

From her eighth album “Moonshot”, released in 1972 (read my full album review @ The Jukebox Rebel).

Buffy was in the midst of a battle on commercial grounds with the Vanguard label at this time, and the resulting pop concessions in “Moonshot” often left her in a tricky place; sometimes too pop for hipsters, or her core messages too rad for norms. But we can talk about that another time. On the blog today, it’s all about the powerful opening track.

Not The Lovin’ Kind” gets a sexy groove on as it deals with personal politics of the heart:

I’m gonna get me a sewin’ machine
Sew you a shirt of black
“Do not Love” across the front and all across the back
To remind me yeah that you’re not the lovin’ kind
To remind me yeah yeah yeah that you’re not the lovin’ kind

I’m gonna get me a ribbon
Honey! Honey! Day-glo red
Tie it around my finger baby
Or maybe around my bed
To remind me that you’re not the lovin’ kind
To remind me that you’re not the lovin’ kind

I think I’ve learned your secret
To keep from getting burned
Love for you is a matter of “No deposit and No return”!
Yes! I know you’re not the lovin’ kind
Ohhhh, you’re so heavy on my mind

Hey! You’re putttin’ rocks in my pillow
You’re puttin’ rocks and blocks and boulders
I’ve gotta get me a “Do Not Love” sign honey and hang it round your shoulders
To remind me yeah that you’re not the lovin’ kind
To remind me you’re so heavy on my mind

With an incessant bass, a killer vocal from our gal, and some exceptionally cool accompaniment from the Memphis Horns section, it’s a SHARP introduction. I find it thoroughly ridiculous that this was out as the b-side to the vastly inferior “He’s An Indian Cowboy In The Rodeo”. This suggests to me that Buffy’s not in full artistic control.

One thing’s for sure though – she’s an irresistible force when in full-flow like this!


Buffy Sainte-Marie is touring constantly, and coming off her critically acclaimed, award-winning 2015 album Power in the Blood, nobody could ever accuse the Academy Award-winning songwriter of taking it easy. Since her groundbreaking debut, 1964’s It’s My Way!, the Cree singer-songwriter has been a trailblazer and a tireless advocate, an innovative artist, and a disruptor of the status quo.

Sainte-Marie has spent her whole life creating, and her artistry, humanitarian efforts, and Indigenous leadership have made her a unique force in the music industry. In 1969, she made one of the world’s first electronic vocal albums; in 1982 she became the only Indigenous person to win an Oscar; she spent five years on Sesame Street where she became the first woman to breastfeed on national television. She’s been blacklisted and silenced. She’s written pop standards sung and recorded by the likes of Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Donovan, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. She penned “Universal Soldier,” the definitive anti-war anthem of the 20th century. She is an icon who keeps one foot firmly planted on both sides of the North American border, in the unsurrendered territories that comprise Canada and the USA.

In 2019’s climate of damaging #fakenews and toxic hubris, Buffy Sainte-Marie’s incisive honesty, clarity, and intelligent compassion stand out in sharp relief.