The last great record to join my collection is the premise behind this simple blog, exciting as I’m only posting newly collected tracks, most of which are new discoveries. Any genre, any decade, old or new, it’s all the same to me. I’m a disciple of Peel, so there’s a left-field bias as you might imagine. As of November, 2020, the blog continues via dedicated pages at thejukeboxrebel.com.


thejukeboxrebelYou can find out a bit more about me and my project over on my main website, thejukeboxrebel.com, where I’m working towards reviewing and rating my entire collection, heading for ~10,000 albums and ~200,000 songs. Artist pages, album pages and music charts are building up as a work in progress.

e-mailUse the contact page @TJR should you wish to get in touch for any reason.

twitterAnother good way to stay in touch with some of my music review action is to follow my Twitter account, @thejukeboxrebel.

youtubeThe Jukebox Rebel channel on YouTube features a lot of rare music uploads, all of which help to plug the gap to support my features and reviews. Also, watch out for my self-curated playlists, packed full of goodies, with much more to come.

spotifyThe Jukebox Rebel channel on Spotify houses many of my self-curated playlists, packed full of goodies, with much more to come.


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