The last great record to join my collection is the premise behind this simple blog.

My record-collecting hobby began away back in 1981, some 160,000 tunes ago. Apparently, there have been 0.1 billion tunes recorded since it all began away back in the 1850s. I’ll never catch up.

Anyway, since the mid 00s. I’ve been diligently documenting my collection in some sort of vague attempt to regain some control of the whole sprawling shebang. I’ve recently just finished phase one, which was to rate each track out of ten, and now continue with the next phases, the main one being to scribble down some 10,000 album reviews, a process which has been well underway since 2006.

This documenting will slowly and surely be reported on The Jukebox Rebel website which I launched on June 11th 2015.

Meantime, I’m super-excited about this blog, mainly due to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what’s around the corner. I could easily bang on about all my perfect 10s from the bygone days, many of which have been largely ignored by the conventional “Best Of” lists. But I won’t. That can be covered elsewhere. Instead, I shall only post new discoveries. This way, we might be in the same boat – it could be that the selections are as new to me as they are to you.

In which century shall the next treasure lurk? Or will it be brand new? It could be hip, or it might be deemed square. Will it irk the jazz purists? Hopefully.

The blog mix will be eclectic, of that there is no doubt. It will have a tendency towards the left field. My only promise to you is that I will consider it to be a great track. And I’m a fussy bugger.

So, if you find yourself on the same page, you’ll be sure to find some new pod fodder in here.

You’re more than welcome to hop on board as we see where the perpetual adventure sledge slides to next.

John Peel forever!


The Jukebox Rebel


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