Corporationpop – Seven Miles South

• “Seven Miles South” set to a picture of the housing EP cover.

9.0 “Classic New Wave from England”

From her EP “Meet Me By The Viaduct” released in April, 2018.

Corporationpop, which, for the benefit of my American readers, translates as tap water, is the musical arm of Northern beat poet, Elise Hadgraft. Just as John Cooper-Clarke did with ‘The Invisible Girls’ back in the 70s, the guise signifies that electro-layers will be added to her poetry, giving the work an extra zing-ting. The self-confessed Jarvis Cocker fan has been writing poetry for some 10 years, and is a well known face in the Northern pubs, clubs and theatres, where spoken word artists have an audience.

“Meet Me By The Viaduct” is a wee gem of an EP; “Seven Miles South” gets the blog nod but I could just as easily have picked “Blood On The Bedroom Curtains” or “Bleach”, all of which carry their own charms. The famous Stockport viaduct (pictured below) looms large over the town, and gets a mention on “Seven Miles South”, as Elise chips away at the brick to see what it’s made of. And being a Stockport-born lass, she has every right to do so; I’m led to believe that late night gin & tonic sessions in her suburban, Stockport kitchen were fruitful!

There’s much to love here; the sardonic wit, the pride in the accent, the melodic New-Order-ish melancholia of the minimalist synth and, most of all, the insightful observation of local identity, shortcomings and all. The brilliant piece commands attention from beginning to end, with hard-hitting, loaded lines at every turn.

The limited edition run of tapes and CDs sold-out and, as far as I can tell, the EP is currently not available for download. Do not dawdle should you see new work appear…


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