Siobhan Wilson – Whatever Helps

• “Whatever Helps” original music video. Thanks to Siobhan Wilson.

8.2 “Fantastic Moodcore from Scotland”

From her album “There Are No Saints” (Song, By Toad Records SbTR-A-057) released in July, 2017.

I’m an artist based in Glasgow, born and bred in Morayshire, who spends time traveling about including a 5 year stay in Paris and half a year in London. I am a singer-songwriter but I also compose music and play cello and piano in other people’s bands and sometimes make visual art. I am basically a bit of a hippy who plays music all day and wanders about.    ~

Siobhan’s 2017 album is another in my daunting metaphorical pile (more digital than physical these days) of albums from the last few years awaiting my in-depth investigation, but this one appears via my Dandelion Radio trawl, so it’s a good chance to get her on the blog. The Arbroath-born lass has a way with her that draws you in; she brings the grace of the French chanteuse to her meolodic alt-folk leanings, and she’s brave enough to wear her heart on her sleeve:

I kept asking Chris (the producer) to make everything dirty on the album. He seemed surprised some of the time, but he totally embraced it and stayed true to the meaning of the songs. He genuinely listened to the lyrics when he recorded. It makes a huge difference to the experience for me. Most days I’m pretty happy and optimistic but on-and-off I suffer from depression. The song is about finding a little bit of strength even when you think you’ve none left. I kicked this song out of the guitar as a middle finger to fatigue on a bad day. It’s like a message to remind us that the only way is forward. When I feel depressed, I like to turn the amp up loud and blast out some chords.    ~

Lang may yer lum reek Siobhan. Is there a French translation for that?

Heard on Lee Adcock’s July 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.


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