The Lovely Basement – Bands With Girls

• “Bands With Girls” set to a picture of the aesthetically challenged single cover.

8.5 “Excellent Indie from England”

A digital download single in February, 2017.

I’m not saying information on Bristol’s Lovely Basements is thin on the ground, but last I checked on Google there was a 2 bedroom flat in Clifton, BS8 going for £480pcm if you’re interested.

The 3 Brits and a Canadian now magnetized to Bristol are: Katie Scaife (vocals, guitar), Kevin Bache (ex-The Raw Herbs on vocals, guitar), Paul Waterworth (ex-The Moonflowers on bass) and Steve Dew (ex-Spaceways, drums). The adaptable Katie and Kevin swap lead and harmony vocals as well as lead and rhythm guitar parts. Their idea was to mix alt-country with the Velvet Underground; “we failed but rather like the result. Perhaps you will too”. Well, I do indeed TLB, thank you.

Unlike some of my recently blogged artists, TLB are still in the game, their Facebook from just last month carrying some exciting news:

We are delighted to announce (and know) that the immensely talented Gavin Bardon at Custom Mastering is making, as we type, our upcoming album all polished and shiny. Thanks Gavin! Mastering is a special skill (some say a dark art) and we’re lucky to have his ears on our songs. Won’t be long now before our album is ready for the world (but is the reverse true?).

[01-Sep-2019 update: it’s called “Just Because You Can” and it’s a well-produced affair indeed, tracing those VU lines beautifully, available at Bandcamp.]

They’re talking my language on the instantly loveable “Bands With Girls”:

Certain boys just oughtn’t be allowed guitars
I’m tired of seein’ ’em up there when I go to bars
Struttin’ and frettin’ like they think that they’re all big rock stars
I’d like to get a rocket ship and send ’em off to Mars

Now I only see bands with girls
Now I only see bands with girls

When certain boys hit the stage I get irate
They’re doin’ things with those guitars they only oughta to do in private
Havin’ a girl on the stage creates a tension
That usually pushes the band into three dimensions

(One two three)

Now I only see bands with girls
Now I only see bands with girls

(Let’s be fair)

Certain girls just oughtn’t be allowed to sing
Like those ones who sing so many notes with so little feeling
Though I know a grown woman’s gotta make some noise
If she wants to get herself heard above all those boys

Now I only see bands with girls
Now I only see bands with girls
Now I only see bands with girls
Now I only see bands with girls

Heard on Rocker’s May 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.


5 thoughts on “The Lovely Basement – Bands With Girls

    • I’ve been streaming the album this morning Katie, great job, rich and full sounding, while those pretty VU lines are allowed to twinkle. You can all be well proud of that. Have amended the piece to link to the album. To echo your fabulous “Slacker”, Should you quit quit quit? No keep on keeping on, doing what you want ; – )


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