REVBJELDE – Lankin Jig

• “Lankin Jig” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.3 “Fantastic Rock n Roll / Rockabilly from England”

From their album “REVBJELDE” in March, 2017. An earlier version had appeared on their EP “The Weeping Tree” in October, 2014.

Alan Gubby’s REVBJELDE (pronounced REV-BA-JELD) was founded in 2013, together with his own record label, Buried Treasure, specialising in archived electronics, folk, jazz & library sounds. To the best of my knowledge, the Reading-based group have been operating as a core trio for a few years, with an ever-revolving cast of guests. Stated influences include Ennio Morricone, Daphne Oram, Goblin, Patrick Cowley, Miles Davis, Sun Ra, Stockhausen, Annette Peacock & Scott Walker. The group are Alan Gubby, producer of eclectic leftfield breaks and audio archivist, best known for his work unearthing classic BBC Radiophonic Workshop recordings by Delia Derbyshire & John Baker, sound artist Richard Bentley and bassist & harp player Roy Goss. All talents are multi-instrumentalists. Speaking of the album they say: “It’s our Brexit album. We set light to the family’s beloved Victorian piano & sledgehammered it to bits.


My featured track, the fantastic “Lankin Jig”, was reworked for the album and is a real showstopper; all at once lively, dreamy and imaginative, somehow managing to evoke a sense of the medieval with the rockabilly, the surf rock and the late 60 hippie folk scene, with the flute / recorder putting me in mind of Ian Anderson’s Jethro Tull and the very title itself casting my mind back to ye olde devilish ballads. The angelic guest vocals come from Emma Churchley (pictured), herself a songwriter and classically trained multi-instrumentalist, who formerly ran her own London folk group, the Silvermoths. All in all, a wonderful concoction.

Heard on Pete Jackson’s April 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.


REVBJELDE 2015 (L to R:) Richard Bentley, Roy Goss & Alan Gubby

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