Drahla – Fictional Decision

• “Fictional Decision” set to a picture of the single cover. Thanks to staticmess.

8.7 “Excellent Indie from England”

First out as a digital single in October, 2016, followed by a 7″ release in the springtime of 2017.

They’ve just released their brilliant debut album, “Useless Coordinates”, which I’m very much looking forward to unpacking in detail. Before I post anything from that, I’m sliding all the way back to their excellent starter from a few years back.

On their debut single (recorded in August 2016) the trio from Leeds line-up: Luciel Brown (vocals, guitar), Rob Riggs (bass, keys, vocals) and Mike Ainsley (drums, vocals).

At that time, feeling discontented and isolated with life in London, Rob and Luciel had returned to their native Leeds, with Wakefield lad Mike Ainsley cementing their amazing sound as a three-piece. Said Luciel:

“I don’t think being in Leeds had an impact on the music creation, but I think the whole scene was really welcoming. It enabled us to play a lot of shows and develop quite quickly as a band in that sense.”

Their artistry shines through immediately; the creative Luciel writes poems for example, and here we’re faced with a barrage of thought provoking phrases that certainly get the neurons pulsing. Translated, “Fictional Decision” talks of “the ideas of faith and the trust one person can instil in another; lifestyle decisions that are based on belief, the acts of confession and absolution of sin.

Her short-stab phrase-repeat talk-sing style is reminiscent of Sue Tompkins of Life Without Buildings (remember them?) whilst the group’s inclination to strip-it-bare then layer-it-on is evocative of that classic Breeders trait. What a wholly ace combination! They could well be my favourite new band, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Heard on Rocker’s January 2017 show on Dandelion Radio.

Get it at Bandcamp.


Drahla 2017 (L to R): Mike Ainsley, Rob Riggs, Luciel Brown (photo credit: Matilda Hill-Jenkins)

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