NOHE NOSHE – Where Are You?

• “Where Are You?” set to a picture of the digital single cover.

8.6 “Excellent Electronica from Germany”

Digital single release in February, 2019.

I can’t stop playing this 15 minute piece at the moment; reckon it must have coca-cola-like secret ingredients which get you hooked without you realising. Read on to find out more about their secret recipe. Secrets!

The core duo of NOHE NOSHE is harmonium playing Petr Step Kišur of the creative arts collective Honey Suckle Company, and Eleni Poulou, much loved keyboard tormentor with The Fall between 2002 and 2016. Their friendship stretches way back to the mid-90s, and upon Eleni’s return to Berlin they formed a new musical partnership late in 2017.

Eleni’s tendency towards the unconventional was always a healthy influence in The Fall, and with her new found freedom she’s clearly intent on stepping further left-field. As an individual, she’s been working with veteran avant-garde musician Wolfgang Seidel, and has also recently been playing bass guitar in her own inimitable style with Neta Polturak’s krautrock blues band, Moon Gear. She has further collaborations on the go with James Leyland Kirby (V/Vm, The Caretaker) – expect an unorthodox dalliance with traditional Polish music – as well as Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars) – “more of a UK Techno thing”. Much secret work is afoot. Secret!

NOHE NOSHE have been playing unusual concerts in galleries, museums and festivals, recently backing the spoken word of Sabina Maria van der Linden. This collaborative spirit is to the fore in their work, and sessions have taken place with such luminaries as electronic musician Dirk Dresselhaus (Schneider TM) and drummer Werner ‘Zappi’ Diermeier (Faust), with whom they have recorded 4 songs. Secret!

Augmenting Eleni’s trusty old Korg MS20 and Petr’s Indian harmonium, a weird and wonderful array of guests contribute to their daring 15 minute debut release, “Where Are You?”, which was recorded by Franz Schütte (of the electronic group Jeans Team) at his “amazing” Nadel Eins studio in Berlin, where the producer also lent some primitive Moe-Tucker-like drum to the piece.

Multi-media experimentalist Nina Rhode (also a member of the Honey Suckle collective) joins in with her Harmonica Rad, which, as the name suggests, is a wheel made of harmonicas. This I would like to see, but the internet’s not telling. What she does is secret. Secret!

The very title of the piece cements an appreciation of Martin Riches and his amazing singing machine, as Eleni explained to Cashmere Radio:

“We were very lucky to be able to use Martin Riches singing machine which is an instrument made of wood and glass which recreates the human larynx, the vocal chords, so you don’t really need a human singer anymore.”

Now I’m sure we’d all love to see this. Hurrah, it’s possible – non secret!

Martin’s an English gent; like a real-life Wallace, what with all of his eccentric inventions. The technically brilliant architect turned artist (since 1973) arrived in Berlin for a weekender in 1969 and has been resident in the city ever since – gotta love that! Clearly, Eleni is magnetized for interesting people.

Speaking of this piece and of the NOHE NOSHE project in general, Eleni said:

“It is in a way healing music, this is Petr’s vision most of all, but we also have a lot of dance tracks that are very short, so we do long, droney tracks and very short electronic tracks as well.”

Knowing the secret ingredients is key to enjoying the piece I think; I’m leaning in to hear what’s going on throughout and it has me smiling. Just when I think it might be running out of steam towards the 7 minute mark, it seems to get that little bit louder before Eleni’s piercing keys come bursting through the speakers at 7:38, like some kinda spacecraft propulsion system, and the blissful and fascinating voyage thrusts onwards, with some excellent flourishes of discord and disharmony, as if exploring new territories. When Martin’s singing machine pipes up “Where Are You?” near the end, it’s like a farewell from an old friend, the long-lingering stuck-record-like end note heightening the somewhat emotional finale.

Some members of the Fall online forum had some interesting thoughts:

“It’s got a COIL thing going to it… reminds me of some of their longer form pieces like “MU-UR” or “Tunnel of Goats” … hypnotic at high volume. Also COIL colleagues Cyclobe… the harmonium evokes their work. I keep spinning it, and it is really working for me… and a pretty bold statement to put out a 15 minute cut as a debut release. Bravo, Eleni and bandmates! This is fine work!!! 15 minutes of droning hate-drowning bliss. Love it. Want more.” ~ DeusErac

“This is up my particular street – I’m a sucker for a good organic drone and this feels bold and idiosyncratic.” ~ the hippriestess

“Sounds pretty good.” ~ bzfgt

“Superb, right up my street. It reminds me of something that I can’t put my finger on. The drumming when it comes in sounds very very similar to “it’s a rainy day sunshine girl” almost identical.” ~ Freddie And The Dreamers Come On

Sounds like we’re all looking forward to more secrets being revealed.

Meanwhile, you can get this one at Bandcamp.


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