Koffee – Raggamuffin

• “Raggamuffin” music video. Thanks to Koffee Official.

7.8 “Great Reggae from Jamaica”

First out as a single in January, 2018.

A cool performance from the (then) 17-year-old Mikayla “Koffee” Simpson, backed by Kingston riddim makers, Frankie Music.

Parliament’s not looking after the future well-being of the nation’s youth; it’s an ongoing struggle pon de island. As it has done since the 60s, Reggae music is the great comforter for a myriad of botherations:

“A di reggae music causing di commotion when di music hit mi comin like a potion why”

With her trademark hm-mm’s and action-packed flow, she’s a compelling listen; “Kicky kicky like a Balotelli” nearly has me spitting my coffee out all over my screen. “Mi give them heart attack inna mi halter back” gives a nod to Althia & Donna’s “Uptown Top Ranking”, as she searches back through her Jamaican music history for some girl-power inspiration. The humour helps deal with the reality:

Hear seh di youths dem wild out here,
money caan run fi a mile out here,
hear seh di government vile out here,
ghetto tears long river nile out here,
youths a tunn inah last smile out here,
dats why dem send mi fi a child out here,
and mi humble enuh but mi hype pan di beat,
look out fi koffee mi live pan eeh street

The singjay, from Spanish Town, has certainly seen it all in her hometown; rough, tough and fun, where soundsystems blast out tunes from every corner daily, but outbreaks of violence can scar the vibe at any given moment. Informed by her own experiences, she writes all of her own lyrics. She’s on a bit of a mission:

When I wrote “Raggamuffin,” a lot of my musical influence came from artists like Protoje and Chronixx. Chronixx has basically been an advocate for the youths, so his message had an impact on me. When I was vibing to the beat, I wanted to cover myself, cover my country where I come from, good things and bad things, and the music, reggae itself.

I hope to touch the hearts of my Jamaican family first and by extension the universe. I want to impact my environment in such a positive way that it is clearly visible in the way we operate on a daily basis and especially how we relate to each other. It is really just my dream to be the musical vessel that will make a very good and notable change in society and hopefully my music will be of such good quality that it will garner awards internationally and nice things like that but awards are secondary to me honestly. Vibes and positivity is primary to me.

And who could argue with that?

I’ll keep an eye on her. Hope she keeps it reggae.


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