M1nk – eBomb

• “eBomb” original music video. Thanks to M1nk.

8.8 “Excellent Tripbeat from England / Germany”

First came out as a single in November, 2018, before settling down to live on their debut album “m1nk = em one en kay” in March, 2019.

This duo are purveyors of fine slow-drag electr0-scuzz; I give you exhibit A – “eBomb” – a twisted torch song for the 21st century. He’s constructed an atmospheric, dramatic soundscape here, and a mysterious danger lurks in her voice, all of which gives them a kind of Tricky vs. Brigitte Fontaine vibe, most satisfying ingredients I’m sure we can all agree.

The darkly seductive pair met via Soundcloud of all places, he (Barry Snaith) from Yorkshire, she (Erika Bach) from Ithaca, Greece (born in Germany). Not for them, an encounter in an Ibizan foam party hell. By the sound of them, they’d be more at home in Portishead on a dark halloween’s evening.

On their website, they speak as one:

It’s been an exciting time for us. After meeting up and getting some help from Chief Exec of Sony BMG Records and 2017 A&R Icon winner, Korda Marshall, we signed up with Seja Records who are just the right fit for m1nk. We love Seja and more importantly, Seja love m1nk.

Seja’s press release is spot-on. Feel the love:

Erika Bach (a.k.a. Lola Demo) comes from a more garage rock background with some electronic influences in her productions. Her haunting voice and edgy trash ethic sometimes reminds us of a less hopeful Patti Smith.

Barry Snaith (a.k.a. The Inconsistent Jukebox) moves effortlessly between genres, his productions encompassing everything from acerbic alt – pop and industrial soundscapes to French cabaret and dubstep.

Together as m1nk they make dark, gothic, electronic soundscapes. They are very distinctive, yet hard to define. Barry’s influences include Bernard Herrmann, David Lynch, Francis Bacon, Robert Fripp, Captain Beefheart and Dali. Erika is inspired by stormy days, a little pain and ugliness, human kindness and bewilderment.

You can further revel in m1nk at Bandcamp.


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