Corrie Dick – Soar

• “Soar” set to a picture of the housing album. Thanks to Corrie Dick – Topic.

8.1 “Fantastic Jazz from Scotland”

From his album “Impossible Things” released in September, 2015.

Following on nicely from my John Sinclair post is this wee gem from my fellow Glaswegian, drummer Corrie Dick, still only in his mid-20s. His album is nicely described a bold fusion of Celtic folk music, African percussion subtlety, and muscular postbop. Key guests on this particular piece include Alice Zawadzki (excellent poetry), Matt Robinson (piano solo) and George Crowley (saxophone solo). I picked up on it by sheer chance some months back, as midweek Sportsound (Radio Scotland) changed over to Ricky Ross (Deacon Blue) doing his DJ, with this cut jumping out of the speakers and holding my attention.

As his Bandcamp tells it:

A dynamic and innovative presence on the UK music scene, Glaswegian Corrie Dick is a musician recognised for his fluency, gritty sound and reckless abandon on the drum kit. In recent years he has caused a stir in the European jazz scene with his prolific and diverse activity, receiving praise from peers, press & fans alike.

My resistance to Jazz is high; Corrie must have something special going on to break me down!

Get it at Bandcamp.

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