Flat Worms – Red Hot Sand

• “Red Hot Sand” set to a picture of the original single cover. Thanks to Flat Worms – Topic.

8.9 “Excellent Post-Punk from the USA”

First out as a single in April, 2016, and later included on their debut album “Flat Worms” released in October, 2017.

Relentless and intense action from the Californian supergroup, with the somewhat detached vocals feeding a sense of cool. They are: guitarist/singer Will Ivy (Dream Boys / Wet Illustrated), drummer Justin Sullivan (Kevin Morby) and bassist Tim Hellman (Thee OCS, formerly Ty Segall).

They’d do well with a disaster movie soundtrack I reckon. While you listen, have a read of this report from the Express in August, 2018:

A SUPER-VOLCANO in California which erupted with devastating results hundreds of thousands of years ago has a vast reservoir of semi-molten magma measuring a staggering 240 cubic MILES, a new study has suggested.

The amount of magma in the Long Valley Caldera is so large it could support an eruption equivalent to the massive one which occurred 767,000 years ago, which released 140 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere.

By comparison, the 1980 Mount St Helens eruption resulted in the release of 0.29 cubic miles.

While the Long Valley Caldera is unlikely to blow anytime soon, the report, written by scientists from the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the University of California, and the University of Rhode Island, said: “We can conclude the mid-crustal reservoir is still melt-rich.

And these lyrics certainly get you thinking…

Ruins of the civilized
Where capital and commerce thrived
And the city lights mesmerized
But oasis was only an illusion

Buried in the dunes I saw
City of Angels, California

Red hot sand
Red hot sand

Quick, before the ground swallows you up, get this one at Bandcamp!

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