Hammock – Now And Not Yet

• “Now And Not Yet” original music video. Thanks to Hammock.

8.2 “Fantastic Ambient from the USA”

Opening track on their album “Mysterium” (Hammock Music HMK-15) released in August, 2017.

People go potty for Hammock’s tranquil beauty, and quite rightly so; their work is impeccably crafted. This track features a 42-member Art Choir from Budapest. Clearly, no effort is too great for them to get their sound just so.

Some of these YouTube comments are at once insightful and hilarious : – )

Listening to this, on my 52nd birthday, while all alone. At least this song spoke to me. Listened to me as well…
~ Gene

I recently went through a massive panic, and this album was the only sound that could calm me at all. For that, I am eternally thankful. God bless you Marc and Andrew.
~ Logan Welty

I sometimes lay outside on a clear night and stargaze to this album, I don’t know where my mind takes me but it’s a million miles from this rock we call home. If you’re after a rather special experience I’d recommend trying it, gives a indescribable sense of joy!
~ Dan Mills

I have a 16 year old Carin Terrier. He is on the last stretch of his journey. Partially blind and very irritated because he can’t see well. He recently started to cry and the ONLY thing that settles him is a few great Hammock songs. Puts him right to sleep or simply calms him. Ronnie doesn’t have much time left and I will always remember these songs. Thank you!
~ K Zane

God is that you ?

Get it at Bandcamp.

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