Oh Susannah – My Old Vancouver

• “My Old Vancouver” set to a picture of the housing album. Thanks to OhSusannaMusic.

8.0 “Fantastic Alternative Folk from Canada”

From her album “A Girl In Teen City” released in March, 2017.

Lovely, evocative track from the (now) Toronto-based singer-songwriter. Her 2017 album casts a nostalgic eye over her punk-rock youth, set in Vancouver’s music scene of the 1980s.

One day my sister came home with her hair shorn and spiked and with a record under her arm called Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols. We dropped the needle on the record, turned up the volume and sat on our front steps. I handed her the scissors and my hair blew away in the wind. Though we dreamed about living some place cool and edgy like London or New York, we lived in a sleepy port town that we thought no one had ever heard of called Vancouver, British Columbia. It was a place of big trees, salmon and totem poles.

Then in the early 80s, some politicians and businessmen decided that Vancouver should host a world’s fair. Then suddenly, Vancouver, the little colonial seaside town, was trying its best to act like a grown-up world class city. Even the Expo 86 theme song declared, “Something’s happening here!” To most of us, all that bravado seemed a little much for our little logging and fishing port. We all knew that bravado was just to cover up that Vancouver was still a little kid of a city.

So in a way, the city I lived in was just like me: a teenager trying to grow up fast, be something she is not, yearning to be something or someplace else. All the while not realizing the richness of what she is or has. Thankfully, some of that old Vancouver is forever lost and thankfully some of that old Vancouver is still there; Just like that teenage girl I used to be.

~ Suzie Ungerleider (Oh Susannah)

Get it at Bandcamp.

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