Ancient Methods featuring Regis – Array The Troops

• “Array The Troops” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Ancient Methods – Topic.

9.7 “All-time classic Alternative Dance from Germany”

From his debut album “The Jericho Records” released in September, 2018.

If you only buy one techno album this decade, you won’t go far wrong with Ancient Method’s “The Jericho Records” – a magnificent work from start to finish and a strong contender for my overall album of the year (albeit I still have a mountain of catching up / listening / rating to do as things stand).

Highlights are many and varied across the 3LP set (split into 3 chapters “The City Of Jericho”, “The Battle” and “The Aftermath”), ambient moods being broken with trumpets, pulses, whispers, screams and some outright bangers.

As the press release explains, the album materialises an idea, that has been in its creators head since the beginning of this project: to transform the biblical story and the accompanying picture, that can be found on almost all previous Ancient Methods releases, into sonic images.

Speaking to The Brvtalist Ancient Methods (Michael Wollenhaupt) explained more:

Despite the albums documentary approach which could maybe resemble a soundtrack, the album could only remain an “imaginary soundtrack“ in absence of the corresponding pictures – and therefore the music can not underline, emphasize or complement an already existing image. That is why the attempt was indeed to make the music itself figurative, each track is meant to refer to a specific part of the Jericho story – graspable and less abstract. Of course, the groundwork was re-reading the Joshua chapters and other publications about the Jericho myth and take in the emerging pictures. Then I selected some pictures/scenes that I believe are elemental parts of the story and where I had specific ideas for stylistic devices on how to transform these pictures into music. Furthermore, I structured the story in three chapters: The City, The Battle, The Aftermath. In my perception, the actual transformation process was varying. For some pictures, for example the “Swordplay“, “Seven Shofars” or “Array The Troops” I wanted to make use of very intuitive, tangible, or you could even say stereotyped sounds that allow an immediate association. I built the tracks around these prominent key elements. For other pictures I used a rather metaphorical transformation, like in “Walls”, placing competing musical themes left and right from a wall of bass. Other pictures, in particular the last chapter were rather a certain mood or atmosphere and accordingly implemented, here the lyrics are often the most direct link to the picture of the story.

As for my featured cut, the dancefloor provocation of “Array The Troops”, featuring Regis on synths, is world class, goes directly for the guts and hits hard. This is music to tear down walls by, and I’m in.

Get it at Boomkat.

DJ Rebel Tips # 1267: back-to-back with The Fall’s “War” for hypergalactic thrills and spills.

Have a good one, see ye next year ; – )

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