Macka B – Never Played A 45

• “Never Played A 45” original music video. Thanks to Macka B.

9.2 “Classic Reggae from England”

First out as a 45 back in 2012, before taking pride of place as the title-track of his LP released at the tail end of 2015.

I’ve got several thousands of 45s in the old collection, but I rarely buy them these days. Case in point; I have the very convenient digital download of this album and not the original 7″. Top tune and sentiment and all, but I won’t feel guilty, sorry Macka!

Strictly speaking I haven’t applied my ratings or review as yet (the title-track excepted), but certainly the whole album is strong from start to finish, Macka (Christopher McFarlane) chanting over a mix of oldie riddims with added backing vocals and other studio trickery from the production of London’s Peckings Bros. who, by all accounts, have access to the masters of Studio One, Treasure Isle and Bunny Lee. Always, his humour and positivity shines whatever the subject matter; usually concerning life, love and politics. He genuinely puts you in a feel-good mood.

I met Macka once when he came up to Glasgow some 15 years ago or so. I decided to surprise him with my flow from a verse from “Wet Look Crazy” and, after studying me suspiciously as if I was some sort of space alien, he came round in the end and offered me his blessing and a fist pump : – )

Anyway, I digress…

It’s all about di 45
There’s suppm ’bout di feel and di vibe

Get it at Amazon.

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