Madonnatron – Headless Children

• “Headless Children” original music video. Thanks to Trashmouth Records.

9 “Classic Trance Rock from England”

Opening track on their album “Madonnatron” released in July, 2017.

As a keen Dandelion Radio listener, I’ve been enjoying this lot for the best part of two years (as usual, the station was pretty much there at birth) and, although I’m probably a couple of years away from publishing my 2017 album chart, I’d be surprised if Madonnatron’s debut wasn’t a Top Tenner. Every track sounds fantastic; they set their sinister Post-Punk stall out early with “Headless Chicken” and don’t let up for a second of the 44 minutes duration.

The South London gang of four are Stefania (guitar, vocals), Charlie (bass, vocals), Beth (drums, vocals) and Joanie (keyboard, guitar, vocals), who, in the great tradition of The Slits and The Raincoats, got stuck in about it when they formed in 2016, technical deficiencies being soundly trumped by sheer willpower, attitude, an ear for gloriously wonky melodies, and some tales of the unexpected

…many parents in Mexico and Guatemala use the story of “La Llorona” (“the weeping woman”) to scare their children from staying out too late. Good plan! According to folklore:

Maria came from a poor family but was known around her village for her beauty. One day, an extremely wealthy nobleman traveled through her village. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Maria. Maria was charmed by him and he was charmed by her beauty, so when he proposed to her, she immediately accepted. Maria’s family was thrilled that she was marrying into a wealthy family, but the nobleman’s father was extremely disappointed that his son was marrying into poverty. Maria and her new husband built a house in the village to be away from his disapproving father. Eventually Maria gave birth to twins: a boy and a girl. Her husband was always traveling, and stopped spending time with his family. When he came home, he only paid attention to the children and Maria knew her husband was falling out of love with her. One day, he left and never returned. Years later, as Maria and her twins were walking by a river, she saw a familiar carriage with a younger, beautiful woman next to her husband. Maria was so angry and confused that, without thinking, she picked up her two children and threw them into the river, drowning them. Only after she saw their bodies floating in the river did she realize what she had done and she then jumped into the river, hoping to die with her children. At the gates of heaven, she was challenged over the whereabouts of her children, and not permitted to enter the afterlife until she found them. Llorona is forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring. She constantly weeps, hence her name “La Llorona.” She is caught between the living world and the spirit world. It is said that if you hear her crying, you are to run the opposite way. If you hear her cries, they could bring misfortune or even death.

If you like this track you should just automatically buy the album, the ‘tron are the real deal.

Get it at Bandcamp.

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