Mogwai – Crossing The Road Material

• “Crossing The Road Material” original music video. Thanks to MogwaiTV.

9.7 “All-time classic Dream Pop / Shoegaze from Scotland”

From their album “Every Country’s Son” released in September, 2017 (albeit the video’s 2 minutes shortened).

A track today from the second greatest group in all of Scotland’s rich musical history, who’ve been proving themselves over and over again for 23 (TWENTY THREE) years now : – O

I hate to screw with Mogwai’s audio but it’s the band themselves who’ve cut the album track down for the video, so the burden of guilt is a shared one.

That said, did ever a video so perfectly capture the exhilarating thrill of the mighty Mogwai in full flow? NO!

I’ve met Stuart Braithwaite a couple of times and once shared a pint with him. He’s as sound as a pound. Well, the pound up until Brexit anyway.

And his band are, quite literally, awesome.

Get it at Bandcamp.

p.s. I see Take Me Somewhere Nice has got SEVENTY FIVE MILLION VIEWS on YouTube. What the feck’s going on there???? LOL! I hope they’re making a couple of bob out of it anyway.

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