Inner Circle featuring Chronixx and Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard (News Carrying Dread)

• “News Carrying Dread” original music video. Thanks to BadBoysOfReggae.

8.8 “Excellent Reggae from Jamaica”

Reggae’s 50 this year, happy birthday Reggae, much love from TJR. I’ll always be younger than reggae, hurrah!

Chronixx keeps popping up on killer tunes these last few years and he deserves the success that he’s having, he seems like a good lad too.

I’ve just picked up on the 2015 versions of the classic mid-70s Tenement Yard riddim and no doubt this is the best of them. The late Jacob Miller (original vocalist on Inner Circle’s original) gets co-billing, with some of his vocals gracing the mix behind our man.

The message hasn’t changed, basically the living space is stifling; every thief is a liar and every liar is a thief, and there’s too much watchy watchy too much chatty chatty, watch yu mouth dread, these are dangerous times.

The Inner Circle boys are still going strong and they feature in the most excellent video… positive vibrations all round, with Chronixx out to affect hearts and minds with core life values.

Turn it up (especially the bass) and never mind the neighbours. Serves them right for too much su-su su-su su-su…

Get it at Amazon.

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