Savages – Adore

• “Adore” original music video. Thanks to SAVAGESBANDLONDON.

8.5 “Excellent Post-Punk from England”

From their album “Adore Life” released in January, 2016.


Such intensity, and delivered with all the stealth of a big cat on the hunt.

Do you adore life?

asks Jehnny Beth. It’s a big question.

I will die, maybe tomorrow / So I need to say… I adore life.

is a good answer, although I don’t think I’m entirely convinced; great actors by the way. Or are they?

Very few of their peers can reach this depth; it takes a skillful and confident band to keep the dynamics so understated and yet so captivating.

I adore this performance, that much I do know.

Get it at Amazon.

p.s. I see YouTube cues up “I Wanna Be Adored” after this, ha! Clever YouTube.

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