Blanck Mass – No Lite [genesis breyer p-orridge dreamachine remix]

• “No Lite [genesis breyer p-orridge dreamachine remix]” set to a picture of the housing 12″ cover. Thanks to Sacred Bones Records.

8.3 “Fantastic Alternative Dance from England”

A 12″ single (Sacred Bones Records ‎SBR-143) released in October 2015, then later included on “The Great Confuso” EP.

Apparently, this has been radically reworked by the ever-interesting one. It plunges murky depths, but there’s a prettiness about it too as it develops, not to mention an unexpected twist at the end, I LOVE it. Frankly, 400 seconds isn’t enough…

Blanck Mass is, of course, the solo project of Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power, who began making music under that name in 2010. Here’s what the press release for “The Great Confuso” EP has to say:

The incredible 33 minute EP, The Great Confuso, was recorded at the end of the summer 2016. Consisting of the colossal new title track piece, which runs at over 18 minutes, and features guest vocals from Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV legend Genesis P. Orridge; two tracks from Dumb Flesh (“Dead Format” and “Detritus”, remixed by Dalhous and Konx-Om-Pax respectively) and Genesis P. Orridge’s remix of another track from the album, the radically re-worked “No Lite”.

It was once suggested that everything we as human beings have ever achieved is merely the culmination of our refusal to acknowledge, or accept our own mortality: a vain, pathetic grasp at immortality via the fatuous notions of legacy, society, family, tradition, art. Whatever. In the greatest traditions of folklore, Blanck Mass summons forth the entity sardonically named The Great Confuso, to embody the taunting cruelty of death, and the unknowable beyond. This is the ambitious and gloriously uncomfortable aural propagation of looming disaster.

Heard on Pete Jackson’s December 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available from good ol’ Bandcamp.

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