E’spaniel – No Common Sense

• “No Common Sense” set to a picture of the single cover.

8.0 “Fantastic Indie Pop from England”

Their debut single, released in October, 2015.

Everything that’s great about indie pop is encapsulated right here; the jangle, the boy/girl harmonies, the glorious melodies, the tuneful bass, the overall wistfulness. Basically, C86 will never die!

The trio are based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where, incidentally, I just happened to be last week to see Einstürzende Neubauten (in the Boiler Rooms, and most excellent they were too). And while I’m at it, congrats to the Magpies on winning the Championship by the way.

Anyway, sorry E’spaniel, I’m hijacking your big-up here, terrible behaviour.

E’spaniel is a three piece pop band held together by a drum machine and defined by catchy guitar, synth and bass lines and bittersweet girl/boy vocals. Leon sings, plays guitar, plays keyboards and creates the drums. Christianne sings, plays guitar and Karen plays the bass.

So there you have it. Not to be confused with The Spaniels. Nor, indeed, the Spanish. And their debut album is due shortly. Howay E’spaniel!

Heard on Lee Adcock’s December 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Amazon.

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