Kandia Kouyaté – Koala Boumba

• “Koala Boumba” original music video. Thanks to ahmadou ali.

7.8 “Great Africana from Mali”

From her album “Renascence” released in October 2015.

Happiness abounds on this wonderful piece, thoroughly enchanting stuff. Amazingly, this majestic lady has bounced back from a stroke in 2004, hence the title of her 2015 album I would presume; her recovery sounds complete to me. She puts me in mind of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; anyone familiar with the intensity of Pakistan’s Qawwali music will know just what I mean by that.

From the Wiki:

Kandia Kouyaté (also known as Kandja Kouyaté, born in 1959 in Kita, Mali) is a Malian jelimuso (a female griot) and kora player; she has earned the prestigious title of ngara, and is sometimes called La dangereuse and La grande vedette malienne. Kouyaté’s dense, emotional, hypnotic manner of singing and her lyrical talents have earned huge acclaim in Mali, though she remained relatively little known outside Africa, due to extremely limited availability of her recordings. Her home town of Kita is known for love songs, which form a large part of Kouyaté’s repertoire. She also sings praise songs.

Kouyaté’s career began in the early 1980s, when she started using female choral vocals accompanying her. This practice was later picked up by stars like Mory Kante and Salif Keita, and is now an integral part of Malian music. In 1983, she recorded two vinyl discs, Amary Daou présente Kandia Kouyaté and Kandja Kouyaté et L’Ensemble Instrumental National du Mali. Her debut solo album was Kita Kan.

Kandia Kouyaté toured Europe in 1999 alongside Guinean singers Sekouba Bambino & Oumou Diabate and with a 12 piece West African ensemble that included Kora, djembe, ngoni, balafon, bass, keyboards, backing vocals and percussion. The tour named as ‘The Griot Groove Tour’ included concerts in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Heard on Kevin Robinon’s December 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Amazon.

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