Selekta Kraze – Zeee

• “Zeee” original music video. Thanks to selekta kraze.

8.3 “Fantastic Reggae from Uganda”

Streamable via YouTube from July 2013.

Hee-hee, this one’s bound to have rustled a few feathers in catholic Uganda.

Featuring Rasta Pasta and the danciong nuns, the tune and video is pretty unforgettable – this rude boy is chatty chatty, natty natty and gud to go.

Kampala-based, the Reggae / Hip Hop singer/songwriter was born in Iganga on 5th February 1981. He pronounces his name Selecta Crazee, and has the catchphrase “gud to go” and his own label, Gud 2 Go Entertainment.

Would’ve gave him 5 teek but, frankly, I can’t possibly be seen to condone that irresponsible bike-riding on display so, 4 teeks.

‘part from that, gud to go!

Heard on Mark Cunliffe’s November 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

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