SPC ECO – Down Low

• “Down Low” original music video. Thanks to SPCECO.

8.0 “Fantastic Dubbeat from England”

From their album “Dark Matter” in 2015.

SPC ECO are ten years on the go and are essentially a duo consisting of former Curve member Dean Garcia (bass, drums, guitar and programming), and his daughter Rose Berlin (vocals). Many friends and collaborators are involved along the way, and Timmy Darkside’s on trap loops for this one – a tune as fresh as minty toothpaste.

As in an absence of light, an unseen weight that smothers us all. Dark Matter, the new album from SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo, a name that’s part riddle & part publicly traded stock and what could be more appropriate to the times than that?) is a bold new direction for the band, a series of torch songs for people with ice in their hearts, bleak and sparse like the seconds before you jump.

The brainchild of Dean Garcia (formerly of Curve), this may be the most brilliant thing yet from a man who’s spent a lifetime sculpting sound. Every bass note is like a bomb going off in your chest. SPC ECO knows: when life hands you lemons, make hand grenades.

~ Saint Marie Records press release

Heard on Lee Adcock’s November 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Bandcamp.

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