First Base – I’m All Alone Again

• “I’m All Alone Again” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to teenage_ate.

8.2 “Fantastic Indie Pop from Canada”

From their album “First Base” (HoZac Records HZRCD-141) released in October, 2013.

This was love at first listen, they’ve got IT.

While Ontario has no shortage of ear-pleasing power pop on offer, there are few bands as immediately infectious as Toronto’s First Base. With only a handful of singles to their name, they’ve earned a rep far beyond provincial borders: First they were noticed stateside thanks to their shockingly catchy songs on Myspace. Next, Jersey garage institutions Personal and the Pizzas covered one of their tracks, despite having never met the band. And for their first LP, they landed on modern punk-psych-garage powerhouse HoZac Records. “I guess after the first cassette single came out, word kind of spread about us in the States,” says guitarist-songwriter Fraser Wynne. “I think people there were interested in us because there was some kind of mystery about who we were. We kind of came out of nowhere.” Wynne originally conceived of the project six years ago as a personal recording project because “I had never written a song before and really wanted to start a band.” The songs ended up being preternaturally good bubblegum brimming with lo-fi Beach Boys vocal harmonies, beach-ready power chord riffage, and glee-inducing organs. “I was already a fan of the band and asked if I could play bass,” adds bassist Mike Simpson, who, along with drummer Shinnosuke Yamaguchi, rounds out the band. “People actually used to think that we were a secret Eric and the Happy Thoughts side project too, which was funny.” ~ Mark Teo,, 2014

Heard on Rocker’s October 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available at Amazon.

Also, you can pick up the very fine original download single version from 2011 for FREE at Bandcamp.


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