Pneu – Crisse De Flingue

• “Crisse De Flingue” set to a picture of the housing single cover.

8.7 “Excellent Prog from France”

Their contribution to the “Room 204 / Pneu” split 7″ (Kythibong ‎KTB-48) issued in October 2015.

What a cracking single. Listen to these guitars SING. If your canary was a guitar, this is exactly how it would sound.

Pneu are Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy (drums) and Jérôme Vassereau (guitar), a non-boring Math-Rock duo from Tours, 11 years in the game.

DJ Rebel Tips #472: Keep the whistling European vibe going by playing back-2-back with “Cielito Lindo” by Singing Canaries.

Heard on Mark Whitby’s October 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Available on a name-your-price basis at Bandcamp. Zut alors!

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