Blank Realm – Too Late Now

• “Too Late Now” set to a picture of the housing album cover.

8.8 “Excellent Dream Pop / Shoegaze from Australia”

The closing track on their 2015 album “Illegals In Heaven”.

Brisbane’s Blank Realm consist of three siblings – Daniel (vocals/drums), Sarah (synths/vocals) and Luke (bass) – plus close friend Luke Walsh (guitar/production).

Speaking of this immense wall-of-sound, Daniel Spencer told

It was kind of strange. I was late to band practice, after I caught the wrong bus and arrived well after midnight. When we are writing an album, we leave the tape on and just play, then we go back over it to see if there was any good stuff we want to keep working on. We came up with “Too Late Now” on the spot and then forgot about it for months. I guess because we were all tired when we first recorded it.

We didn’t go back to the tape until right before we went into the studio, and realized it could be the album closer we were looking for. It turned into this song about the moment when you realize people who have left your life — through death, or just falling out somehow — really aren’t coming back; and that moment is sometimes sadder than when they are first gone. [The song] is a lot more emotionally honest than a lot of our stuff.

We added the ending — which is I guess the most shoegaze-y part — in the studio. It’s the work of Luke, our guitarist, Lawrence, our producer, and Sarah on synth. I didn’t play on it, so I can just appreciate it. There’s many, many guitar overdubs on there!

Heard on Lee Adcock’s October 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You’ll find it at Bandcamp.


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