Simple Minds – Today I Died Again

• “Today I Died Again” nicely set to a lyrics video. Thanks to Grayham Clutterbuck.

7.7 “Great New Wave from Scotland”

From their album “Empires And Dance” (Zoom Records SPART-1140), released in 1980.

This was the best of the tracks new to me via my acquisition of this album in the middle of last year. With “Empires and Dance”, the adaptable and experimental Glasgow quintet positioned themselves as the darkest, toughest new romantics on the block. Whether high-octane dance or mid-tempo mood-grooves, the sense of cool was omnipresent. The opening 1-2-3 – “I Travel”, “Today I Died Again” and “Celebrate” – was exceptional and, whilst there’s hardly a dud in the set, “Thirty Frames A Second” was particularly excellent on side two.

You can check more of my favoured album reviews from 1980 here.

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