The Smoking Trees – She Takes Flight With Me

• “She Takes Flight With Me” suitably set to some old b-movie footage. Can you name the film? Thanks to Ample Play Records.

8.3 “Fantastic Psychedelia from the USA”

From their album “TST” (Ample Play AMPLA-103LPV) released in 2015.

A fanciful and rather wonderful ray of sunshine for all the Psychedelic Erics, heard on the September 2015 edition of the Pete Jackson show on Dandelion Radio.

What started off in 2001 as a musical project between co-workers at a Tower Records in Los Angeles, slowly dwindled down to a duo in 2011. On November 27, 2012, after years of musical isolation from the industry, The Smoking Trees released their debut album, Acetates (Colour Tree Records), then signed to Ample Play Records the following month, and re-released “Acetates” to a bigger audience on May 6, 2013. In February 2015 before the release of their critical acclaimed second LP, TST (Ample Play), L.A.AL aka Al Rivera left the duo, down to the the person who started it all, Sir Psych aka Martin Nunez. After Al’s departure, Martin finished writing and recording their third release, The Archer and The Bull (Burger Records). In the few month’s since it’s release, it’s already becoming one of their most played and successful releases to date. Martin has always been the creative force in writing, producing, and mixing The Smoking Trees music, so Al’s departure didn’t hinder what Martin does best. He will continue to write and record as The Smoking Trees, with plans to expand and work with other artists to further develop his future projects. Stay tuned to the continuing adventures of The Smoking Trees.


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