Kartar Ramla and Sukhwant Sukhi – Kannd Thon Sittan Gandasa [folk soundz remix]

• “Kannd Thon Sittan Gandasa [folk soundz remix]” set to the “Being Punjabi” logo. Thanks to Being Punjabi.

8.5 “Excellent Desi from India”

A Soundcloud download, and a remix of their hit song from 1985.

As those of you following this blog will know, Dandelion Radio delivers plenty of bounty in their monthly schedule but, in the tradition of Peelie’s old shows, it’s not easy to get a handle on some of the more exotic artists that appear.

I can’t tell you much about Kartar Ramla, but he’s been around since the 80s, is known as “The Duet King of Punjab”, and has recorded hundreds of songs and around 15 albums in his time.

The remixer comes from Newark, California, and seems to be doing it for all the right reasons and is to applauded. Says he:

After having learned Panjabi Folk music, Dhol percussion, and Vajaa (Harmonium) from Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti (Stockton, CA), I have acquired a passion for listening to, creating, and writing Panjabi Folk music as well as Panjabi folk duets. I currently am also attempting an Accounting degree at San Jose State University (San Jose, CA). With the help of some modern beats and raw Panjabi folk percussion, I aspire to bring Panjabi Folk Qisse (tales) and Panjabi Folk Duets back into the spotlight.

You can download this one for free at Soundcloud. It’d be rude not to!


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