New York Transit Authority x Woz – Combination

• “Combination” set to a picture of the housing EP cover. Thanks to definite party material.

8.1 “Fantastic Electronica from England”

From “Monki & Friends EP 3” released in 2015.

This is the third and final cut that I’ve collected as a result of Lee Adcock’s September 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

Dunno ’bout you but this is the kind of thing that gets me exclaiming blud fyah rude bwoy to bemused pedestrians as I cycle past with the ear buds in.

It’s definitely got a good cycling rhythm to it. Or maybe a train. I see the first direct freight train from China to the UK arrived the other day.

DJ Rebel Tips #447 Impress your audience by blending in random train sound effects:

Good, eh?

One half of this collab is the London-based dub-garage producer hailing from Bristol, sometimes stylized as N.Y.T.A. His sparring partner, Ashley ‘Woz’ Westlake, is a dubstep / d n b producer, active since 2010. His previous group, Woz not Waz, had a massive worldwide smash with “Walk The Dinsosaur”.

Anyway, aside from my unrelenting hilarity, you’ll be pleased to hear that this one can be downloaded for FREE! How do these people eat?!?

Nab yourself a copy at Soundcloud.

p.s. How did you get on with your remix?


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