Roachee – Sith Lord

• “Sith Lord” original music video. Thanks to NoHatsNoHoods.

9.0 “Classic Dubbeat from England”

Roachee’s been doing his thing since 2004, usually as part of a collective, but there doesn’t seem to be much activity lately. He did managed to deliver his solo mixtape in September 2011 though, so good on ‘im.

Talk about evocative, wowee zowee…

This is abnormal living

I’ve drafted a hitlist
You was asking for it
Giving it the biggun so a 64 got written
I’m not around hugs and kisses
I’m around thugs and prison
Blud, you mugs better listen

SITH Lord, selling smack for cash
Bangers and mash

Ain’t got money, I’m sticking him for it
Blood spilling in war, cussed and unremorsive
Guns on my doorstep
Another boy just got 24 years, no chance of a mortgage
Just bums and paupers
SITH Lord, a real gritty performance
Selling pills in the toilets to pay the bills the landlord’s due in the morning

It’s not a three course ting, just chips and curry sauces
Some of us just can’t afford it

Heard on Sean Hocking’s August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You can download this free gratis c/o Grime HQ. Nice one.


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