John Cooper Clarke – Conditional Discharge

• “Conditional Discharge” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to Nicola Acoust.

8.2 “Fantastic New Wave from England”

From his album “Snap, Crackle And Bop” (Epic EPC-84083), released in 1980.

Top tracks “Beasley Street” and “Thirty Six Hours” were long-since collected, so they’re ineligible for my very strict blog criteria. Still, I found plenty new goodies on this set, including this grubby little gem. I’m pretty sure I once had this on tape from the wingding, but it’s good to finally ‘ave it proper.

For his fourth long-player, the incomparable 31-year-old Punk-Poet continued with his tried and trusted formula of working with fellow Salfordians Martin Hannett (producer) and Steve Hopkins (keyboards). The collaboration hits a creative peak; this is clearly the best yet and houses many cuts which would remain as Cooper Clarke staples well into the 21st century, including “Evidently Chickentown”, “Conditional Discharge” and “Beasley Street” from side one, with “Thirty Six Hours” and “The It Man” on side two. The man’s a national treasure, and no mistake.

You can check more of my favoured album reviews from 1980 here.


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