Luna Semara – Arp Choir

• “Arp Choir” set to a picture of the housing album cover. Thanks to From Minimal To Progressive.

7.7 “Great Club from Germany”

From her EP “The Pink Room” (Hertzblut Recordings HERZBLUT-49) released in 2015.

You can just lose yourself in this luxurious track; it screams festival tent.

This DJ has been serving up her own brand of soulful electro techno since at least 2010.

Have you ever seen
Some people lose everything
First to go is their mind, huh
Responsibility to me is a tragedy
I’ll get a job some other time, uh-huh

I want to join a band
And play in front of crazy fans
Yes, I call that temptation
Give me the melody
That’s all that I ever need
The music is my salvation

You know the rest.

Carry on.

Heard on Rocker’s August 2015 show on Dandelion Radio.

You’ll find it at Beatport.


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